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Disc Bulge

What is Disc Bulge?

It is a common injury that occurs in the spine, it can occur in the neck (cervical spine), upper and middle back (thoracic spine) and lower back (lumbar spine). It is commonly referred to as ‘slipped disc’. Disc bulge commonly occurs in the lower back than any other part of the spine.

How can physiotherapy help with disc bulge?

Mild and moderate disc bulge injuries respond to physiotherapy. The focus of physiotherapy is to promote healing of the disc fibres, relief pain and improve functions.

What causes a disc bulge?

  • Pre-existing weakness of the annulus

  • Aging and general degeneration of the intervertebral discs

  • Trauma related to automobile accidents

  • Sports injuries

  • Poor posture

  • Improper or heavy lifting

  • Excess abdominal fat with poor core stability

How do I know if I have a disc bulge?

  • Back pain increases when sitting

  • Back pain that increases when bending forward

  • Back pain increases when you cough and sneeze

  • Back pain is aggravated with lifting

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