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What is Dystonia?

It refers to involuntary muscle contractions that cause repetitive or twisting movements of the body. Most cases of dystonia do not have a specific cause. Dystonia seems to be related to a problem in the basal ganglia – an area of the brain that is responsible for initiating muscle contractions.

Can physiotherapy help people with dystonia?

Yes. There’s no cure for dystonia but physiotherapy works in conjunction with other treatments like botulinum toxin to provide relief and help you feel more in control of your symptoms.

What are symptoms of dystonia?

Symptoms of dystonia can be mild, moderate or severe and can affect different body parts. The symptoms progress through stages. Some early symptoms include:

  • A “dragging leg”

  • Cramping of the foot

  • Involuntary pulling of the neck

  • Uncontrollable blinking

  • Speech difficulties

  • Stress or fatigue may bring on the symptoms or cause them to worsen

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