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Groin Injuries

What are Groin Injuries?

These injuries are common and by far, the most common type of groin injury is a groin strain.

Can physiotherapy help people with groin injuries?

Yes. Physiotherapy has been shown to be successful in treating groin pain, and most people with the condition make a full recovery when managed well over time.

What are the causes of groin injuries?

  • Sudden trauma like getting a hard tackle in contact sports

  • Sudden stops and starts movement, common in sports like basketball and soccer

  • Overuse due to repetitive stress, common in triathlon and distance runners

  • Sudden change in direction of movement

How do I know if I have a groin injury?

You will experience the following symptoms:

  • Groin pain

  • Direct or referred abdominal pain

  • Pain subsides with rest

  • Pain and/or tenderness with touch or deep palpation of the muscle

  • Swelling, disclouration or stiffness

  • Joint disruption

  • Crossing your leg, squeezing your knees and moving your affected leg away from the body’s midline increases the pain

  • Running, kicking, performing sit-ups or change in direction activities aggravates the pain

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