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Hereditary Spastic Paresis

What is Hereditary Spastic Paresis?

It refers to a group of inherited disorders that are characterized by progressive weakness and spasticity (stiffness) of the legs. Early in the disease course, there may be mild gait difficulties and stiffness.

What is the cause of hereditary spastic paresis?

It occurs due to genetic mutations.

Can physiotherapy help people with hereditary spastic paresis?

Yes. Regular physiotherapy is important for muscle strength, gait correction, fatigue management, improvement in balance and to preserve the range of joint movement.

What are symptoms of hereditary spastic paresis?

  • Progressive muscle weakness and spasticity (stiffness) of the legs

  • Difficulty with balance

  • Fatigue

  • Abnormal gait and difficulty in walking

  • Decreased vibratory sense at the ankle

  • Abnormal skin sensation

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Urinary urgency and frequency

  • Cognitive impairment

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