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Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

What are Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries?

These are injuries sustained in an accident, involving either a car to car collision or a car to motorbike collision.  The common injuries sustained include:

  1. Whiplash
  2. Brain and head injuries
  3. Spinal injuries
  4. Fractures
  5. Psychological injuries

Do I need physiotherapy if I have had an accident without visible injuries?

Yes. The potential seriousness of injuries left untreated may be insignificant at first but could result in life-long chronic pain and disabilities. This is why you need a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment to identify these injuries and provide the right rehabilitation means to prevent chronic pain and disabilities.

Do I need physiotherapy if I had visible injuries during an accident?

Yes. Generally, with visible injuries, you will be taken to the emergency unit of a hospital to ascertain the complexity and severity of your injuries. In the emergency unit, a multidisciplinary team will take over your case, which always involves a Physiotherapist to provide you with the best treatment for your recovery. On discharge, you will be referred to physiotherapy to assist with your complete recovery and to return you back to living your normal life.

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