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Post-polio Syndrome

What is Osteitis Pubis?

It is an inflammation of the pubis symphysis and its surrounding muscles, occurring as either a complication in people who underwent suprapubic surgery or in athletes. It is a common cause of chronic groin pain, resulting from overuse in athletes. It can also occur in pregnant women due to stretching of the pelvis.

Can physiotherapy help people with Osteitis Pubis?

Yes. Physiotherapy treatments will focus on pain reduction, treatment of associated pathology, and any abnormal biomechanics and return you back to pain-free functional activities.

What are the causes Osteitis Pubis?

  • Pubis symphysis instability

  • Repetitive stress and shearing on the pubis symphysis

What are the symptoms of Osteitis Pubis?

  • Pain in the groin, lower abdomen and inner thigh

  • Pain increases with exercises and increased training load

  • Pain on standing on one leg

  • There may be restricted hip movement of the affected side

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