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Postural Dysfunction

What is Postural Dysfunction?

It simply refers to poor posture which occurs when we position our spine in unnatural positions such as rounding our shoulders and protruding the head.

Can physiotherapy help people with postural dysfunction?

Yes. Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for postural dysfunction and Physiotherapists use a variety of treatment means to correct posture and restore proper balance.

What causes postural dysfunction?

  • Muscle tightness

  • Muscle weakness

  • Soft tissue shortening or adhesions

  • Poor neuromuscular control

  • Inflammation

  • Structural problems

What type of postural dysfunction exists?

  • Lordotic posture

  • Sway back posture

  • Flat back posture

  • Round back (increased kyphosis) with forward head

  • Flat upper back and neck posture

  • Scoliosis(postural)

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