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Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

What is Pre-operative and Post-operative Care?

The success of your surgery starts with a good preoperative care that includes physiotherapy and it doesn’t finish the moment you leave the operating theatre. When your Surgeon skilfully performs the surgical procedure, you will require post-operative program prescribed and supervised by a Physiotherapist.

What are the common conditions that require Pre-operative and Post-operative physiotherapy?

  1. Shoulder Reconstruction
  2. Shoulder Stabilisation
  3. Rotator Cuff Repair
  4. Acromioplasty
  5. Manipulation
  6. Capsulotomy
  7. Fracture
  8. Tennis Elbow Release
  9. Golfers Elbow Release
  10. Carpal Tunnel Release
  11. Tendon Repairs
  12. Hip Replacements/Resurfacing
  13. Hip labral repairs
  14. Hip Arthroscope
  15. Knee Replacements
  16. ACL and Ligament Reconstruction
  17. Arthroscope
  18. Meniscal Repairs
  19. Chondroplasty
  20. Lateral Release
  21. Patella Tendon Transfer
  22. Achilles Tendon Repairs
  23. Fasciotomy
  24. Ankle Reconstruction
  25. Spur Removal
  26. Bunionectomy
  27. Discectomy
  28. Micro-discectomy
  29. Laminectomy
  30. Spinal Fusion/Stabilisation
  31. Respiratory conditions
  32. Cardiovascular conditions

What are the roles of physiotherapy in preoperative care?

  • Mentally prepare you for surgery

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Restore range of motion

  • Improving muscular control of the injured joint

  • Normalizing movement patterns prior to your surgery

  • Improved overall well-being and fitness

  • Gain a good understanding of the exercises that you will perform immediately after surgery

What are the roles of physiotherapy in post-operative care?

  • Pain reduction treatment

  • Flexibility exercises to improve range of motion

  • Exercises to strengthen muscles

  • Posture, balance, and coordination training

  • Gait analysis and training

  • Manual therapy techniques

  • Self-care training

  • Home exercise instruction

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