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Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)

What is Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)?

It refers to a condition that occurs in runners and it involves friction of the iliotibial band (a strip of fascia that supports the muscles of the outer thigh) against the thigh bone.

Can physiotherapy help people with Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)?

Yes. Physiotherapy is an effective treatment in mild and moderate cases and most people recover within a few weeks of treatment. Surgery is only required in very severe cases.

What are the causes of Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)?

  • Poor running technique

  • Weak gluteal muscles

  • Weak hip rotators

  • Weak inner thigh muscles

  • Weak core muscles

  • Poor control of the foot arch

  • Fatigue in runners

  • Sudden increase in training load

  • Excessive downhill training

  • Long distance running

What are the symptoms of Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)?

  • Sharp or burning pain felt at the outer part of the knee

  • Pain increases with running or other activities that involve repetitive motion

  • Swelling at the outer part of the knee

  • Bending the knee is painful

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