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Shin Splint

What is Shin Splint?

It refers to pain felt along the shinbone (tibia) from the knee to the ankle. It is more common in people who play running sports.

Can physiotherapy help people with shin splint?

Yes. Your physiotherapist will carry out comprehensive examination on you with a view to rule out the presence of stress fracture, common with this condition. Corresponding treatment plans will also be designed to help in pain reduction and return you back to running again with the aim of preventing a reoccurring shin splint.

What are the causes of shin splint?

  • Overstraining of the muscles attached to the shin bone

  • Overuse

  • Increasing your exercise intensity too quickly

  • Running on hard surfaces

  • Insufficient rest between training

  • Poor foot biomechanics

  • Decreased flexibility at your ankle joint

  • Poor hip-knee-leg muscle control

  • Poor gluteal muscles control

  • Poor core stability

  • Tight calf and hamstrings

  • Weak quadriceps and foot arch muscles

  • Inappropriate footwear

How do I know if I have shin splint?

You will experience the following symptoms:

  • Dull, sharp, aching pain and tenderness along the inside of the lower leg

  • Pain may be felt before, during and after running

  • The area is sore to touch

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